Friday, 25 October 2013

Frank Lampard wants to play with women

Frank Lampard has been in the news recently by leaking space monkey jokes from the England dressi.... I mean for playing football really well.  Now he thinks women will soon also be as good as the men

The midfielder was appearing on Loose Women - I don't know why either - and they asked him if girls could play with boys:
"I see no reason why not, how the game has developed in women's football in the last five to 10 years has been amazing.
"We were [previously] dinosaurs in the dressing room, it was a man's game, but now we appreciate the skill in women's football."
Yeh and their tits!  PHWOAAARRRR!!! No but really, women are shit at football.  For all the brilliance of this

There is still this

I remember playing football when I was about 10 and my best friends' sisters was better than all of us.  It didn't seem very fair at the time but I've been told I'm better at giving blowjobs so who wins now?!  Wait