Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Football is difficult something something pensions

If, like me, you don't understand anything about how much money you're supposed to pay into a pension and are fairly positive you will be dead or rich by the time you need one, this video might be for you

I really like playing football but my biggest problem with it is that I am completely shit.  At 5 a side level I'm usually pretty good, but the minute I have to play with actual grown ups in 11s, I look like one of those hoover robot things with a picture of Jason Lee stapled to the front of it.  I always thought I'd just sort of grow into being good at real football with the adults but then I realised that I'm almost 28 and should probably not have just spent £70 on a crab suit.

You will see the crab suit in a video soon.

So anyway you've probably figured out by now that we were asked to show this video, and the makeup person did a fairly good job making a not old person look old so well played to you.  The way I usually make someone look 40 years older than they are is by forcing them to read an entire hours worth of forwarded emails from my uncle, or by simply making someone turn up for work at their job in a boring office all day where they have to count numbers to save someone in a suit 5% of something, and read emails that my uncle has forwarded them.