Thursday, 10 October 2013

Football Blogging Awards

Hello there dear FitbaThatba fan, if you would like to thank us for writing all this nonsense FOR FREE for you for the last nearly 3 years, you can do so without even giving us both hand jobs.

By voting for us in any of the categories at 'The Football Blogging Awards' (it's a real thing) you will help us maybe get nominated, and then give me and Jack an excuse to get utterly shit faced and make a short film of our adventure.  This isn't a vote, it's just a nomination.  Oh wait, it is a vote actually.  The actual event is at the football history museum, and I'd like to go there.

Vote for us here:

You can do it by some email thing they've set up, just nominate us in all the categories if you don't know anyone else.

You can also do it by twitter and facebook too.

If you can be arsed, go and do it.

See ya later.

love from jj and jack xxxx