Wednesday, 9 October 2013

FIFA 14 banned by Leyton Orient

Leyton Orient won 8 games in a row to go top of League One earlier in the season but then FIFA 14 came out and it all went wrong.  Obviously it was the game's fault and so the club have banned it!

Reports that the global scouting network was so complicated and slow to navigate that it was literally melting players brains have not been confirmed or denied yet, but it is believed this feature is just one of the many that the real life players of Orient had been confusing with the skills they had been learning and applying their entire lives.  One player has even been sent to train on his own after mistakenly believing this to be a skill he was meant to perform on the pitch

The onlooking crowd was shocked.  The club have since released this statement:
"[The players] got stuck into the new Fifa 14 game and at times even played as themselves against Oldham in preparation for the match the following day," Leyton Orient communications manager Jonny Davies told the Independent.
"The staff were quick to implement a “no Fifa on a matchday” rule, however.
"The gaffer (Leyton Orient manager Russell Slade) suspects several hours playing football on a video game is not conducive to a good performance in the real thing."
I actually think that playing FIFA has turned me into a much better football player and I know for a fact that American Football teams use Madden to invent plays and stuff like that.  It's similar to the way in which Streets of Rage has made me much better at fighting people in the street or Grand Theft Auto V has made me almost degree educated in server loading times