Wednesday, 16 October 2013

England are in the world cup

ROOOOONEY!!!!!  And so, England qualified for the World Cup again, beating several average teams and drawing with several more so ensure their place in a tournament they have absolutely 0 chance of winning.  OR DO THEY?!

Steven Gerrard celebrated his 107th cap by scoring the 2nd in a 2-0 win over Poland.  Wembley was also host to about 18,000 Polish fans and they made the atmosphere exciting as opposed to 'I want somebody to stab that brass band' and this was nice.  Roy Hodgson has now successfully navigated his country to a World Cup finals and says it is his "proudest moment ever":
"I'm English. As an Englishman, it means a little bit more to you."
He added: "The only reason I'm cautious is I don't want to denigrate other achievements, or people in Switzerland, to think I wasn't very proud of that achievement and that team."
That's all well and good Roy but there's no need to rub in that your proudest achievements are so genuinely important while the rest of us sit around in our pants eating doritos.  Until yesterday my proudest moment was managing to eat an entire medium pan pizza from pizza hut in one go but then I realised I once graduated from University.  The University of pizza?  Scientists maintain that no-one will ever truly know the answer but if I had to guess..........  pepperoni.