Tuesday, 1 October 2013

David de Gea loves tacos

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea might be busy letting in goals against West Brom but that hasn't stopped him from devouring tacos like the fatty that he is, according to former coach Eric Steele.

In an article in The Observer, the ex-United coach revealed about how de Gea was a little shit when he turned up at the club, how he couldn't be arsed learning English and that he trained poorly:
"There were lifestyle issues. He'd sleep two or three times a day. He'd have his main meal late at night. He'd eat too many tacos. We pushed protein drinks on him straight after training. We physically made him drink. We had him in the gym a lot. He hated it."
What a cunt.  Now believe it or not, I'm no professional athlete, but even I know that too many tacos is too many - you're just going to ruin the experience.  It's like when you hear a song and really like it, so you listen to several times on repeat but then the 'general public' get hold of it because Radio 1 play it to death and suddenly everyone wants tacos.  This is just like that 'In The Shadows' song.  I bet they don't eat tacos anymore either.  What happened to those guys?  Are they alive?  Maybe