Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Cricket man is angry at Wilshere

Kevin Pietersen, who plays cricket as a job, has had a go at Jack Wilshere for daring to suggest that only players from a particular nation should play for that nation.  He's from South Africa but also England, you see

Arsenal midfielder Wilshere said something along the lines of "you shouldn't play for England if you aren't English" which in context makes complete sense, but has suddenly divided opinion among the world.  Diego Costa just decided to play for Spain all of a sudden, and he is indeed very Spanish, having grown up his entire life in Brazil but I guess the point is that if he feels Spanish, then he should be allowed to play for Spain probably.  Here's a conversation from Twitter that I stole from the Mirror:

Same Difference are of course one of the UK's great eurovision entries and this is exactly the point that cricket man wanted to make.  One of same difference is from Nigeria, the other is from Dumfries and just because they are brother and sister does not mean they should not be allowed to bang each other if I am there to watch and my phone has enough battery to film