Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Brooklyn Beckham - his Dad's favourite

Surprisingly Brooklyn Beckham doesn't want to be a popstar, or even a drug addict- no he wants to be footballer like Daddy, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. Shut up.

Brooklyn Beckham can never get away from his name- firstly his Dad is the most famous footballer in the world, and secondly because whenever people ask how he got his first name he has to say, "aye, my folks didnae use a jonny in New York so Ma got preggers wi me, ken?" - or something of that nature.

Trying to carve out a career in the magical world of football can be tough, but he's made his debut for the QPR youth team so he's heading in some kind of direction. I don't have a photo because I don't know the craic with internet paedo hunters, or 13 year-old boy picture posting. The last thing I want is that guy from The Who showing up at my door to do some "research". Funnily enough Dennis Wise's son is also in the same team, not sure what's funny about it, there is certainly nothing funny about Dennis Wise - apart from his eyes being really close together.

QPR lost 2-0 which means that they are completely awful, Brooklyn is shit, and it's all his fault. This is what you are going to have to get used to young chap. Remember your Dad at France 98? All he did was kick someone and if it wasn't for his guardian Alex Ferguson, he probably would have been burned alive in some sort of Wicker Man ceremony.