Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ally McCoist earns much more than Michael Laudrup

The Rangers have been busy trying to buy their way back up the Scottish league system, which is in equal measure annoying and hilarious.

With only the Division 3 title to celebrate since being rebranded Sevco United, The Rangers will be celebrating tonight after managing to achieve a £14million operating loss this year.  Well done lads.  Out of this, players wages accounted for roughly £7.8million.  That is absolutely ridiculous.  They're playing against fucking Elgin - the best paid player in that team probably gets about £50 for a game then goes back to being a sparky during the week.  Meanwhile The Rangers cheat their way up the pyramid to take their throne at the top of Hun Mountain.

The other startling observation to make from this is that Michael Laudrup only gets paid £500,000 - meaning that to manage a team in a league so irrelevant and shit that only Rangers fans actually know what it's called, McCoist is paid 60% more than a man who took Swansea into Europe and works in probably the most financially rich league in the world.

I for one applaud this fantastic strategic business model and have adapted it to my own business.  You might think that laser pens have gone out of fashion, but by only spending 8 times my yearly salary I just know that one day they'll be the Christmas gift that everyone wants and I'll make a profit.  If not I'll just go bankrupt and come back with a new name, like Nigel or Captain Jerusalem McDonald