Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Yohan Cabaye is so sorry

Yohan Cabaye has apologised to Newcastle fans after realising that he has to hang out with him for at least another 3 and a half months.  Wait no I meant because he is very sorry

The French midfielder was subject to a £10million bid by Arsenal in the last transfer window and was so annoyed that he wasn't allowed to move that he refused to play in a couple of games for Newcastle.  Realising that now he's stuck in fucking Tyneside until January, he's decided that he is eternally sorry for his actions:
"If the fans were, or still are, mad at me for what happened, then I understand and I apologise to them," said Cabaye.
"I want to come back from what has happened."
Powerful words there.  This is like when the really hot girl from work asks if you want to come round to hers and so you tell your girlfriend you've grown slightly bored off to get stuffed because... errr.... it just isn't working.  Then you get to the hot girl's house and it turns out it's actually a cocktail party that you have to pay to get into and she's there with her really good looking and buff boyfriend who plays rugby.  And so you go home and pretend nothing happened at all, telling your girlfriend to stop crying because you can't hear the TV. It takes a real man to apologise.