Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Trappatoni says goodbye

Giovanni Trappatoni has parted ways from the Irish football team, but not before he made lots of money- good for him.

Trap is one of the most Italian people you could ever meet, if you cut him he bleeds tomato and basil sauce, and his testicles would make the most delicious meat balls. Unfortunately his football was also very traditionally "don't lose" Italian, disciplined football. That's fine if your players are Italian, it doesn't work when you are Richard Dunne. The only way they hoped to win games was by relying on Robbie Keane to score in every game, which is never a full-proof strategy. Unless someone discovers a way to turn Walters running around a lot into goals, something that baffled scientists for years with Kenny Miller, I'm not really sure Keane is enough...I am sure, It's not

After losing 1-0 to Austria, Ireland have about as much chance of making the World Cup as Scotland and Trap thought, what's the point really? At 74 years old he should be drinking copious amounts of red wine and playing dominoes with other old people- moaning about how shit everything is. Being old must be great, apart from struggling to walk up the stairs, pissing yourself and losing the ability to drive more than 40mph. Anyway he's off to do some of those things and good luck to him.

The good news for Ireland fans is that you are losing someone who won about 50 trophies as a top class manager and you are replacing him with Mick McCarthy. Swings and roundabouts.