Monday, 9 September 2013

Steven N'Zonzi is bad at hit and runs allegedly

Stoke City player Steven N'Zonzi might have possibly allegedly ran over a cyclist the other day and then told him "Good luck finding me on foreign plates".  Except then the internet found him.

We obviously have no idea if it really was N'Zonzi because that's a legal matter, but people on Twitter definitely seem to think it's him after cross checking his French license plates.  This is just classic internet.  I love how you can get away with anything if you have enough money just as long as no-one from the internet sees you doing it and even if you didn't actually do anything in the first place, as soon as the rumour has been retweeted enough it doesn't matter anyway.  It's like even if Rolf Harris is proved innocent of his charges, in my mind he's been molesting children and animals in locked veterinary rooms while the theme from Animal Hospital drowns out the noise this whole time.