Thursday, 12 September 2013

Roberto Carlos warns Chelsea that Eto'o is a dick

Brazil thunder strike king, Roberto Carlos, has warned Jose Mourinho that Sammy Eto'o did fuck all while playing in Russia and that he might be a damaging presence in the changing room.  IT HAS BEEN FORETOLD

Although he looks like an action figure in that photo, according to his previous team-mate and boss, the accessories that would come with this toy are 'none' because, shockingly, he wasn't too bothered about playing for a really bad Russian team in a pointless league, living in the middle of nowhere, being paid about £300,000 every single week.  I don't really know what they expected to be honest.  If someone paid me that much money to do something that I am better than 100% of other people living in that country, there's no way I'd be arsed.  But I guess until they recognise dog punching as a real sport, I'll never know.