Monday, 16 September 2013

Players asked to wear rainbow laces

A campaign addressing homophobia in football has asked clubs throughout the English and Scottish leagues to wear rainbow laces next weekend in a bid to show support for changing attitudes within the sport.

According to the BBC there are 29 clubs who support Football v Homophobia which are:
Premier League: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Liverpool, Manchester City, Norwich, Sunderland, West Ham, West Brom
I left out the non-Premiership teams because honestly who cares but LOOK AT THAT -  Manchester United hate gays.  Official.  The title 'Football v Homophobia' just makes me think of an episode of Power Rangers where Homophobia is a giant Daily Mail reader and Football is some sort of gigantic, gelatinous mutant that threatens to engulf the city and destroys buildings dressed like Richard Simmons, drinking cosmopolitans and sharing intimate secrets with your girlfriend while giggling about how hot Ryan Gosling is.

I think this is a good idea because any football playing idiot who doesn't like homosexuals should understand that the only thing gayer than actually having sex with a man is a bunch of naked dudes hugging, kissing and showering with each other afterwards.  If it weren't for the lack of glitter and Take That music in the average lower league changing room, they basically look like Kylie Minogue's house