Monday, 9 September 2013

Paolo Di Canio is shit

Paolo Di Canio is basically an angry cartoon version of himself at the moment and is thoroughly pissed off, for a change, that his Sunderland team is shit.  Even though he bought all of the players.

The Italian's first team played a 'behind closed doors' friendly against the under 21s and lost.  Rather than focus on the positives and work from there, Di Canio has decided to tell his players that he hates them all and that he wants them dead.  I bet those foreign technical players are delighted that they've moved from nice sunny countries to Sunderland, where an angry fascist shouts at them for not winning everything straight away.  I honestly don't know if it's more likely that Di Canio starts playing himself upfront or if he stabs someone to death with a football boot at the moment, either way, science has all but confirmed that he is a gigantic penis.