Sunday, 1 September 2013

Liverpool sign Moses, Sakho and Llori

Liverpool are hoping that Moses will part the red sea or help them win a game as they've signed him on a one year loan deal from Chelsea.  They also bought Mama Sakho and Sporting Lisbon's Thiago Llori.

That picture is of Sakho looking very excited to be in Liverpool, but I haven't seen any Moses or Llori photos yet.  Moses wanted to escape Chelsea because he was one of about 300 attacking midfielders/wingers and when Juan Mata can't get a game, there's not a fucking chance that someone who used to play for Wigan is going to have a good season.  Llori, for those of you who don't play any management simulation type games, is a very good defender who ends up being very expensive in about 5 years, and will cost the Anfield club about £6million

Lots of Liverpool fans I know seem to genuinely think that they're going to finish in the top 4 this season which makes me pleased to learn that the circle of life goes on.  Just as Newcastle finally accept that they are doomed to mid-table for all eternity, Liverpool fans take on the unrealistic hopes of finishing in a Champions league spot so all we need now to make it a perfect film is add a heartwarming love story between two anthropomorphic lions but this time, with full penetration.  I'm convinced that this is all the Lion King needed to win Best Picture