Sunday, 15 September 2013

Gerrard threatened by mutant

A lot of people don't like Steven Gerrard, apart from the odd two-footed lunge and fondness for diving, he always seemed quite an affable chap to me. That didn't stop some moron threatening to kill him and his family.

According to reports and a few photographs, some half-breed scaled the walls of Liverpool's training complex to give Gerrard abuse. Not funny abuse, like "jabroni" or "dick-splash" but more like ‘I know where you live, you prick’ and ‘I’ll burn your fuckinging house down" - bear in mind that a few years ago people did actually break into Gerrards home and threaten to use a knife on his girlfriend and kidnap his kids. It's no wonder big Steve had to be restrained from trying to destroy his face.

Apparently the kit manager ran over to batter the chav, but he sped off on his bicycle (yes bicycle) whilst shouting, "I'll kill you, and your kids!". I didn't think it was possible for me to hate anyone more than the robot "Brian", but this guy has just taken top spot for this week.