Sunday, 1 September 2013

Gareth Bale will be unveiled tomorrow (MAYBE)

According to Sky Sports on Twitter, the Gareth Bale transfer saga is finally going to end today.  Hooray!

The Welshman has apparently agreed personal terms with the Spanish giants and all that needs to be done to complete the transfer is for Daniel Levy to stop constantly haggling with them over the price.  I suspect the negotiations have gone something like the bit in Peep Show when Mark tries to buy his phone back from the rude boy who mugged him

But then again I can't tell who is being mugged here.  Bale is not worth £80million - and I'd tend to agree with Wenger here that absolutely no-one except Ronaldo or Messi is - because the amount of money you stand to earn from signing him is no where near that initial outlay.  Champs league money in England is worth about £60m, you make a shit load back from selling shirts and you get a bunch of free marketing and sell more season tickets, but this is Real Madrid.  It would be like if Disney bought Star Wars and then ruined it.  uh oh

We can see how awesome Bale has become over the last 3 seasons quite clearly thanks to this graphic I stole from somewhere I can't remember, so good luck to the man.  I hope he enjoys the pressure of having to be absolutely brilliant in every game while someone much better than him enjoys playing in the position that he wants to be in, and only ever having to worry about 1 other team in the league all season.  Moving to Real in La Liga is like lowering the difficult setting to Amateur.  As long as you don't just fanny about doing tricks all the time, it's easy