Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fellaini is worth £27m says Fellaini

Manchester United were absolutely terrible in the transfer market this summer and managed overspend on giant midfielder Maroune Fellaini to the tune of £27.5million.  He says he's worth it though so it's ok

David Moyes showed off his visionary transfer dealing skills by signing one player he used to have and then absolutely no-one else but according to the big Belgian, it don't matter son.
“It’s the biggest club in the world so of course I wanted to join this club. I tried everything to join the club. It’s been difficult, a very long day. I waited to the end. I know the situation, but this day has been very long. Now I’m here so I’ll try to give my best to the club. I want to win trophies. That’s the most important thing.
There were rumours that Fellaini had actually paid £4million of the deal himself by forgoing various contractual bonuses he could have earned to make the transfer happen and I think that's just great.  There's nothing quite as admirable as a glory hunter jumping ship at the very first chance he gets.  I really admire that a lot.