Monday, 9 September 2013

England fans attacked in the Ukraine

Whenever I read the words "England fans" and "unprovoked" in the same sentence, I make this noise - "pah!". But after reading one whole article and various tweets, it would appear that a group of assholes in the Ukraine decided to bravely beat up a group of people enjoying a coffee.

A group of England fans were at a coffee shop, which must be how you spell public house in the Ukraine, when a pack of hooligans wearing balaclavas and brandishing knives decided to say hello...with violence. One England fan was slashed on the hand, not by Slash the guitarist but by a genuine knife. Another had a beer bottle smashed over his head, whilst the third victim was badly beaten and bruised. 

Rumours are that it was a neo-nazi hooligan group of hooligans, who also used tear gas and threw a flare. This is based on the knowledge that many football hooligans in the Ukraine love fascism and racism and generally suck balls. Thankfully nobody died and the England fans have said they don't want to pursue the matter or help the police with their enquiries because...I actually have no idea why they don't want to do that. 

Football violence is so fucking lame, think how hard Danny Dyer has tried to make football violence seem cool. Now think how shit Danny Dyer is. What more do you need to know.