Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Dani Alves wants to donate his organs

Eric Abidal needed a liver transplant quite recently because cancer went and ruined the one he already had.  Brave old Dani Alves offered to donate his own!  What a man.

The ex Barcelona left back said:
The story with Dani goes beyond the jersey. He knows it. Me too. We are friends and we talk about everything. He wanted to support me
Awwww.  Gay.  He continues:
"When I had to undergo surgery, Dani wanted to donate his liver, logically, he couldn't because he is a professional footballer."
 What an absolute legend.  There's no way you'd find me donating my liver to any of my friends at all.  Not a chance.  Then again, if I offered, they'd probably actually take the thing out of me because I am not a professional athlete and therefore only really use mine normally.  Dani Alves offered his kidney in the same way that when I came into work my friend was sitting at my desk and so I offered my friend at work the desk and he said 'well if you don't mind' and then I took the desk because actually I think I need it.  It has my sonic mug in the drawer and everything.

When asked whether this story was really true, Dani Alves said: "well yeh.  It'll grow back right?"