Monday, 9 September 2013

Coaching is difficult #TOTHEDREAM

If, like me, you are absolutely terrible at Football Manager but still maintain that you do actually know what you're talking about, perhaps you should read some books or get some coaching from a coach who will teach you how to coach.  Like these coaches did

Stuart Pearce was on hand to try and forget the pain of being fired, footage not seen includes him screaming at the groundsman after he scores a penalty against an 11 year old.

Despite looking like he spent the evening sleeping on a park bench, Alex McLeish paid a visit to a team I don't know to teach them how to hit 30 yard James McFadden stunners.  Footage not seen includes no-one being able to do that because no one is AS AWESOME AS JAMES MCFADDEN

Gus Poyet took some time out of his busy schedule visiting every TV studio in England to help teach some lessons at this club.  Footage not seen includes something to do with poop and the away dressing room.

Alan Curbishley is still alive apparently

What's remarkable about the Pulis video is that he doesn't spend the entire time convincing them that causing injuries is the best way to progress in football.  Footage not shown includes him having a shower with 'the lads' and then head butting the dug out because it looked at him in a 'gay way'.

It's actually pretty interesting hearing these guys talk about 'football tactics' because I genuinely wasn't aware that some of those guys knew what that was.  Then again, unless it's from a drop down menu, I don't know either, and like I said, I'm terrible at FM.

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