Sunday, 1 September 2013

Chelsea are just super

Ok so this happened about 2 days ago now but for those of you get all your football news from fitbathatba, which I do not recommend doing, Bayern Munich won the Super Cup on Friday.

Resident Chelsea monster Romelu Lukaku missed the crucial 5th penalty in the shootout, rendering all of the hardwork that the London club's 10 men put in all match completely useless.  Ramires was sent off for trying to stand on Gotze's shin while running very, very fast and then, with Chelsea leading from an Eden Hazard goal, hilariously, Javi Martinez scored in the 120th minute to equalise.

Things we learned are that Manuel Neuer is quite good, Petr Cech is still ace, Franck Ribery and Hazard are good and Bayern are much better than Chelsea.  Also that Mourinho hasn't changed one bit:
‘I’m disappointed because the best team lost. The team that most deserved to win, lost. But that happens in football. 
‘People who earn their living in football always feel there’s a very important rule: the passion for football. If you are in love with football, you don’t kill a final with a second yellow like this.
Considering the referee's job is to book people who try to kill other people, I don't think it matters how in love with football he's perceived not to be.  I've been in love with lots of people but it hasn't stopped me from trying to kill them when they do something out of order like moan when I bring other girls back to the house.  Uhhh it doesn't count if I don't know their name, don't you know that?  Now get out of bed and sleep on the couch, I'm busy.  And no you can't do the same