Friday, 27 September 2013

Alan Shearer knocked out Keith Gillespie

This one time at Newcastle camp, Alan Shearer punched Keith Gillespie so hard in the face that he woke up in hospital.  It's all here in these pamphlets!

The Mirror Online is serialising Mr Gillespie's book, which is full of anecdotes about being a LAD.
We had a bit of a row and, for some reason, I asked him if he wanted to take it outside.
Cafe En Seine is a long, narrow bar, so it was quite a walk to the front door.
There was no discussion en route. I was mulling over my next move.
We emerged onto a busy street, where Sunday afternoon shoppers were going about their business. It didn’t deter me from the battle-plan.
I took a swing at Shearer, but I was punch-drunk and inaccurate.
He responded with a blow that sent me flying backwards against a plant pot. I cracked my head and entered the blackout zone.
The next thing I remember is the view from the hospital bed.
Oh you joker you.  Getting pissed on tour with the lads and starting on Alan Shearer.  Incase you don't know what happens next, here it is:
A few minutes later, there was another knock.
This time, it was Shearer and Rob Lee.
Peace was restored before they had even come inside.
We ended up laughing about it, although we knew a media storm was inevitable. Which was fair enough, really.
Oh.... that's so interesting Keith.  This book looks like a riveting read, especially with all those line breaks to make the pages easier to read.

Honestly this book seems about one onion belt away from being a collection of Grandpa Simpson stories