Thursday, 5 September 2013

Alan Hansen is leaving Match of the Day

Alan Hansen will leave Match of the Day at the end of this season to sit at home and laugh at all the people in the world who have to put up with only Alan Shearer and Mark Lawrenson for football analysis, in the greatest and most elaborate wind up of all time.

The former Liverpool and Scotland defender has always been fairly outspoken on the art of defending, and will be remembered on the show for saying 'absolutely shocking' and 'absolutely abysmal' like one of those soundboard things you get on the internet to prank call people.  He used to be almost unwatchable as he spouted cliche after cliche but in recent years I reckon he's been great and is easily the most qualified and best to listen to pundit on MOTD that they have.  Which is really saying something.  It's like trying to choose which girl you should focus most of your efforts on trying to bang at a party when the best one is only about a 6/10.  It's not even worth the effort sometimes