Thursday, 12 September 2013

12 year olds banned from football

Two 12 year olds from Newcastle have been banned from every single football ground in the UK after throwing things during the violence after Sunderland v Newcastle last April.

Danny Dyer was the only way to illustrate just how naughty these lads are.  Twelve years old and wrecking havoc across the North East.  I don't actually know the full details of what they did but apparently it involved missiles, which isn't as exciting as it sounds.  Not only were they not launching rockets at anyone, but even lamer, their parents handed them into police hahahah ahah ahaahahahaahahahahah

You pair of of fannies.  Anytime a team from England plays abroad these two children have to hand in their passports, and on a Newcastle match day they aren't allowed in the city centre.  The judge said:
"I hope you've got a television at home because you won't be going anywhere near a football match for a long time."
I think the real criminal here is society.  Or the judge for choosing to ban two 12 year olds from the city centre on most weekends.  We've all done things we regret and didn't fully understand when we were young.  Hell - I did loads of stupid stuff when I was 12!  Like once I didn't bother trying to get any emeralds one time in Sonic 2, another time I stayed out playing football until 10 minutes after my Dad told me to get home and I was grounded, and another time I was raped by my neighbour in his shed