Monday, 26 August 2013

Wales 3 - 1 Money

In a battle between good and evil this weekend, Cardiff City triumphed and Joe Hart continued to be utter balls.  YOU HAD ONE JOB JOE

The England keeper flapped at a couple of corners as Zabaleta failed to do anything close to marking his man and this resulted in Cardiff defeating the dark lords of finance in a rather entertaining Premier League game yesterday.  Dzeko hit a ball really hard, Frazier Campbell did some cool stuff and City were fairly useless.  All of the newspapers are going 'Ohhhhhh City's team cost £90billion to put together and Cardiff's only cost £8.40 what a shocking result' but what they're forgetting is that Cardiff is in Wales.  All I know about Wales is that Ryan Giggs is from there, they have hills and I think also dragons.  Catherine Zeta Jones.  Aaaand Tom Jones.  Rugby?  I don't care