Sunday, 4 August 2013

The SPFL is exciting

The newly branded Scottish Premiership kicked off this weekend and you'll all be delighted to know that Aberdeen beat Kilmarnock 2-1.  Also, 'The team formerly known as Rangers' got booted out of the league cup in round one hahahaahah aha  ah ah a ah a h

Inverness CT put three goals past St Mirren and St Mirren put no goals past Inveress CT to give Terry Butcher's side three points.  ICT will probably do pretty well again this year but since no-one in Inverness seems to actually care about football this doesn't really matter.

Celtic shockingly managed to beat Ross County and the mighty Dons beat Killie 2-1, like I said at the top of this article.  This is probably about the first season I've actually looked forward to the Scottish league since I was about 14, despite the fact that Celtic should and will walk to the trophy.  Just not having to even think about Rangers is amazing - I feel so free.  It's like being given the all clear by a GUM clinic, having worried about it for years.  Well at least I assume that's what that would feel like.  I'm so burny