Monday, 26 August 2013

The media are brainwashing you

Arsene Wenger has accurately pointed out that the media may be to blame for the 1000s of glory hunting sheep who are moaning about Arsenal not winning the World Cup this week, or buying anyone at all.

Arsenal have so far managed to successfully sign 0 players this summer HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS HAVE YOU SEEN THIS and definitely won't be getting Luis Suarez.  One player they might actually get is Mathieu Flamini, because he's free and already there.  Yohan Cabaye might be on his way for £20million-ish if Wenger actually decides to spend money but the fans need to wise up, according to the man himself:
"The media in general has brainwashed a little bit the Emirates. Maybe rightly so, I don't know, because we haven't won trophies for years everything is negative. But we have to live with that and focus on playing well football.
"We lost one game since the beginning of March. That's why it was a shock. But we won in the Champions League at Bayern Munich. We won at Fenerbahce. It is just like that at the moment.
"People always want news. We live in a world which is very interesting but very excessive. When people are not loyal, you are critical. When people are loyal, you say they have been there too long. It's always excessive reaction. The people in charge need to keep their distance from that more than ever.
Arsenal are now pretty much where I am on most Saturday mornings at about 3am, texting various numbers on my phone just to try and see some tits.  If you leave it too late you just end up with someone like Gervinho, when really you want to have sex with Giroud.  I mean sign him.