Friday, 16 August 2013

The FA wants people to wise up

If like me, the reason you don't play football is because you are too shit and because you absolutely hate 90% of the people involved with the sport, be it the skinhead with no Dad who is trying to break your leg or the guy from work who thinks he's in a world cup final during your 5 a side match, you'll probably enjoy this video that the FA made.

In the video there's this robocop style thing that sorts out bellends on the sidelines and I lold, so therefore you will too.  Because if you don't find things funny that I do then I WILL KILL MYSELF RIGHT NOW OH GOD SO HELP ME I WILL ha    ha ha      ha aaa ah aha aha i won't really i love my playstation too much.

The point of the film is to obviously encourage people to be law enforcers themselves and encourage idiots to stop being idiots on the sidelines.  If there's one thing I've learned from my nearly 28 years on this planet it's that idiots respond exceptionally well to being told what to do and can competently analyse complex moral and sociological arguments and resolve them with reason and positive outcome without even trying.  This is because they headbutt you and then tell their brother, who is in jail, that you're gay so that he'll batter you.

Regardless, I like the video so give it a watch.