Thursday, 15 August 2013

Ronaldo loves Di Maria

Because Angel Di Maria is sometimes a bit average and all of the big European clubs want to buy him, most people assumed that he'd be leaving Real Madrid this summer.  Fortunately for him, no-one goes anywhere unless Ronaldo SAYS SO!

If the rumours are true, Di Maria was an important part of any bid for Gareth Bale that the Spanish giants were going to make but because ol' Ronny is a big fan, he didn't go anywhere.  Di Maria even said so:
"Yes, it's true. He didn't tell me, but I found out through someone else", the winger responded, blushing. "I'm delighted to play alongside an icon like him at Real. It makes me proud that he said good things about me and supported my cause to stay, since there was speculation that I was leaving. It's very important for me",
I can identify with this, because when my last boss wanted to get rid of me, the guy above him vetoed it to make sure I'd say.  I was delighted, and only had to wank him off about 8 times before I resigned.  I didn't even like working in the Spar that much