Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Preston 1-0 Blackpool: Starring Killer horse

I hate horses. Massive jerks they are, all twitchy and evil - I would happily turn them all into burgers. Therefore it wasn't a surprise to me to switch on Sky Sports News and see one trying to kill an innocent man at Deepdale.

Apparently Preston and Blackpool are big rivals, which seems odd as neither of them win anything. Or is it one of those hatreds that was born out of the two towns being close to each other and people just being a bit simple? Who cares anyway? Well apart from these morons.

Preston's Tom Clarke scored an 87th minute winner which inspired hundreds of fans to invade the pitch come the final whistle. That's when the horse decided to get involved. With the stewards trying to keep order, the horse got a bit lairy and knocked the poor chap to the ground and trampled him. Luckily the steward...man only sustained minimal damage and will be sellotaped back together.

Scenes were "ugly", "shameful", etc, etc but I think we should let Preson fans enjoy their victory over their biggest rival. After all, they live in Preston - I'm guessing they don't feel like winners very often.