Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Papiss Cisse has a BBQ

Good old Papiss Cisse has been making up for refusing to wear the shirt of the team he plays for by hosting a BBQ at his home in Northumberland.  I like barbecues and also prefer when it is spelled BBQ

In a move that I can only assume has been engineered by his agent for PR purposes, the Senegalese striker invited some people back to his house, cooked them food, played them at FIFA and then gave them all replica shirts.  It sounds like a really cool, nice thing to do and if it weren't for the fact he'd invited the Newcastle Chronicle round to take photos and interview him, I'd think that.  Instead I'm thinking about Troy Mclure pretending to marry Selma

Cisse told the local newspaper:
“I’ve liked it here from day one. I feel very much at home. I like the area and the supporters and the city. For me now it is all about making them happy.
“For me, [engaging with the fans] is an obligation, a duty if you like. To me, when I pull on the shirt it is for the fans.
“When I first came here I didn’t realise so many kids and so many fans would feel the way they do about me. Now my duty is to make them happy for as long as I can do it.”
This is like inviting ITV to follow you repainting the side of your neighbours' house as you pretend it isn't part of a community service order that you got for painting a gigantic penis on the side of your neighbours' house.  Some people just don't get art, man.