Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mark Lawro Lawrenson needs to try harder

We did it! We fucking did it! Well, we almost did it. You and I together friends, we almost got Mark Lawrenson off Match of the Day. Everyone single one of us who has made a complaint or derogatory tweet about just how shit Mark Lawrenson is, have forced the BBC to take action.

The moaning shit-hawk has had his appearances on Match of the Day reduced in order to "freshen up the show". Unfortunately it means that he will still appear now and again, but he might actually have to try or at least offer an opinion on players other than John Terry and Steven Gerrard. Alan Shearer has managed to keep his place along with Hansen, for now...

While MOTD on BBC1 should be bearable, MOTD2 is about as appealing as Lisa Riley in a bikini, eating a Rustlers burger. Mark Chapman alongside our mate Lawro. I would rather fight a grizzly bear naked than have a pint with those two - although it's unlikely that scenario will ever happen again, that was a rough summer holiday.

Of course the BBC also has a live 606 football phone-in radio show, which I have honestly never listened to. They announced today that the departed (left, not died) Alan Green is going to be replaced by Ian Wright. Safe to say in a years time, I still won't have tuned in. So there you have it folks, The BBC have moved Mark Lawrenson from Saturday to Sunday and signed up Mark Chapman and Ian Wright. Wait, they didn't listen to me at all!