Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Fenerbahce fans are resourceful

Fenerbahce fans have craftily deduced that sleeping is an important part of Arsenal's pre-match routine and general lifestyles, which is why they spent all last night setting off fireworks outside their hotel

Arsenal take on the Turkish team tonight in a Champions League qualifier which both teams want to win because that tournament is quite important and if they lose they don't get any European football (read: money).  Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott were very excited about the match because they got to go on an aeroplane.

I bet sitting next to Theo Walcott on a plane for four hours is about as much fun as browsing through the movies list on the plane, and probably about as annoying.  Do I watch the classic film I've always wanted to see on a tiny little screen or do I watch the newest comedy-by-numbers starring Paul Rudd?  When I'm presented with this option, I choose to strangle Theo Walcott

edit: Ramsey posted this video on instagram today from his hotel room