Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Diego Simeone hates La Liga

Diego Simeone has expressed how pointless La Liga is by alerting everyone to the fact that only two teams ever win it and that this is boring.

Now he's retired from getting David Beckham sent off, Diego Simeone is managing Atletico Madrid and while this may sound fun to you, to him it is a pain in the balls because there's almost literally no point.  When asked if he had any title aspirations after starting the campaign with a 3-1 win, the Argentine said:
"No, absolutley none at all. Madrid and Barcelona play in a different league, and this is a boring championship. We'll have to wait until there is a change in the share of television revenue, because this is a two-team league."
It's kinda like going to an expensive cocktail bar for a change and realising that no matter how many times you try, none of the girls there are ever going to have sex with you.  Although I have heard that these kind of women like a strong, useful, resourceful man, like a builder, and that persistence is key.  This is why I like to follow them home dressed in a boiler suit with a hammer to show how handy I am, but so far no girls have even talked to me :-( most have run away, screaming