Sunday, 4 August 2013

Big Transfer News! (Arsenal related)

Arsenal fans prepare yourself, the biggest transfer of the summer concerning your club is about to happen. The drunk squid Gervinho is signing for Roma.

Once described as the African Messi by nobody, ever - Gervinho has struggled during his time in England. Sometimes struggling to place one foot on the other, and usually looking like he was playing football on an ice rink. Enjoying his best years at Lille, it's fitting and kind of nice in a way, that he will be rejoining his old Lille coach at Roma. Like his boss remembers the good old days, those long sunny afternoons eating cheese and drinking red wine in the back garden.

It cost £11m for Arsenal to bring the odd-shaped cranium to the Emirates Stadium and apparently he will be sold for about £7m. In the real world if you lost £4m in a couple of years, you would be like, "fuck! I just lost four fucking million pounds." but in football you just got "meh" and shrug your shoulders. Expect to Arsenal do absolutely nothing with the £7m they will receive, except maybe add a few more options to the snack menu.