Sunday, 4 August 2013

AVB is super mad

Andre Villas-Boas is well pissed at Real Madrid for publicly tapping up Gareth Bale and has even now said so in a press conference.  Holy moly

AVB was speaking after Monaco destroyed his team 5-2 about Carlo Ancelotti and GBale stuff.  He said:
"The rumours that anything is imminent are not true," said Villas-Boas. "We allowed ourselves conversations with Real Madrid, confirmed by their coach - I think wrongly.
"But the only thing we've communicated is that the player is not for sale." 
We've hardly written anything  at all this week but if we had I suspect it would have been all 'Gareth Bale is moving!' and then 'Gareth Bale is not moving!' and then just making up how much money he's moving for every day.  You know, like the papers do.

At the moment he's apparently signing for around 100billion space dollars, the profits of which are going to be spent on building a giant animatronic tribute statue of the player to put outside White Hart Lane so all the Spurs fans can remember him.  It might sound like a weird idea but I made a nice one one out of a broom for my girlfriend to stop her leaving me and I put it in the shrine I made for her only a few months ago.  She's not dead or anything.  She has been at the shops for a long time now I think about it