Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Arsenal are reeeeally bad at transfers

Arsenal bid £10million for Cabaye the other day, royally pissing off Alan Pardew in the process because he's worth about double, and it was done 2 hours before Newcastle's first game.  Now PSG are just going to buy him for whatever

Along with the golden rule that it's not gay if it's in a three way, it's also not gay if it's with Yohan Cabaye, and this is why PSG are set to bid about £20million to get the transfer for the France midfielder over and done with before Arsenal even realise what's happened.  At this stage in the transfer window I'm pretty sure the best option Wenger has for signing anyone at all is to bid £25million for every single player in the world and just see who gets back to him.  He's like that guy at the party that no-one wants to talk to because you know when you go to the bathroom he's going to be trying to convince your girlfriend that she should come round sometime and let him photograph her.  Curse you Dad!