Monday, 12 August 2013

Andy Carroll broke his house, is sued

Andy Carroll bought a party mansion when he moved to Liverpool for £100,000 a week and kinda like you'd expect when you lease out a giant house to a 22 year old who loves getting hammered, bits of it have been broken  ALLEGEDLY

The owners of his last house have claimed that he owes up to £200,000 in damages because:
In court papers served to Glinert Davis, Carroll is accused of taking away £75,000 worth of furniture and other items, including stereo equipment and CCTV cameras. 
The Grants also claim that the five-bedroom detached house's indoor swimming pool was neglected and became infested with algae, and that a garden lounger, barbecue and air hockey table were damaged. 
In addition, they said that Carroll missed £68,000 worth of rental payments on the mansion in Blundellsands.
Fair play lad.  If I had that much money and a giant house with rooms I forgot even existed I would do so much cool stuff.  One room would be a miniature zoo and another would be filled with my friends dressed up as superheros, being paid to drink all day and night so when I get home I can just party.  It'd be a little bit like in Breaking Bad except instead of doing crystal meth in the living room, I'd throw quavers at a penguin