Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Strange Happenings

Hello everyone!  I have some bits of news for you

First of all, I keep being told by various people that they can't actually view the website on various browsers and computer types and I have absolutely no idea why.  The thing is hosted on Google so I assumed they'd be able to handle all the traffic (which is quite high by the way so thanks for that) but rest assured I am asking my nerdy friends to try and find out what the problem is.  Sorry about that.

In other news, things in the pipeline include an actual non-football cartoon that I'm working on, some stupid football videos on the YouTube channel, and pretty much more of exactly the same joke I've been doing for the last 2.5 years on this site.  I moved to London recently, got a new job, and Jack just got a new job too (high five) so he might be able to write more than 3 articles a month soon, but we wanted to say thanks to everyone reading the site and for letting us know when it isn't working.

Please keep tweeting, facebooking and whatever else you kids are doing for the stuff we do that you actually like because it's about the only way this thing grows and we can afford to do it!  The social networking bit doesn't extend to linkedin.  Please stop adding me on linkedin.

Any girls who want to send me pictures of their tits, please do so to

Also send fan mail if you like, I guess.

Oh and sorry to that guy I still haven't sent a t-shirt to.

Buy a t-shirt everyone else