Sunday, 21 July 2013

Stoke City are generous

Stoke City have announced plans to completely fund travel to all 19 of their away games this season by providing transport.  Good guys!

Nick Hancock!  Where did he go?  Regardless, this is a pretty cool move by the club and is one funded by all the lovely new money that's come in from renewed TV deals.  Some guy who is on the board said:
"We were looking at this around a year ago, looking at what we could do to keep football as affordable as possible,"
"Our home match tickets haven't gone up for the last five years but everyone knows following their team away from home can be expensive.
"With the new broadcasting deals that came in, that arguably gave us the opportunity to do something and spend a little bit of money back on the supporters."
Keeping football affordable is a great idea since it means people actually go to games rather than watching it for free in a pub where you can drink, hang out with friends and not have to queue for 20 minutes to find out how long ago they ran out of pies.  The biggest problem with this travel is that we're going to have a bunch of Stoke refugees all around England as once they see what civilisation is supposed to look like, they're not going back on the bus