Sunday, 7 July 2013

Spurs sign some guy

Spurs have completed the £17million signing of Paulinho for £17million for Paulinho to Spurs

The Brazilian midfielder is the first big signing of the summer as the London club looks to build on last year's fifth place finish season and somehow get into the Champions League, since anything other than that is utterly pointless.  My god it's hot outside right now.  It's at times like these, in taps aff weather, that I think I should go do some exercise so that I feel good and look nice and sexy for the ladies, but instead my flat mate walks in at 7pm to see me crying on the floor of the garden, surrounded by empty tins of whatever was cheapest in the off license.  And technically she's not even really my flat mate because I don't live in the hospital so she should give me a fucking break