Sunday, 28 July 2013

Spurs have signed Soldado MAYBE

The Valencia president is all excited today because he's just made €30million for star striker Roberto Soldado.  Spurs are paying them all of the money

It's a lot of money for a player untested in the Premier League but having scored 26 goals last season you'd assume that he might be alright.  I guess he can't be any worse than Adebayor is most of the time either but at the age of 28, that's a lot of cash.  The transfer threatened to be one of those 'ongoing' sagas until the incredibly devious Franco Baldini just decided that he'd pay Valencia whatever the fuck they want for him.  Baldini is of course the man behind Real Madrid's Galactico transfer plan, which worked quite well, if hundreds of millions of euros of debt is something that you think is good.  It's not by the way