Monday, 8 July 2013

Spurs have a new kit

Tottingham Hotspurs have launched their brand new kit by getting various players to model it, including Gareth Bale who seems to only be able to stand up in one particular pose.

It looks pretty smart except for the fact they're sponsored by a printer company now but as you can see, Gareth Bale is unable to simply stand in a relaxed manner like a normal person.  Perhaps this is because he is becoming more ape with every passing day

Maybe this whole time he hasn't actually just looked a lot like an ape, but he is actually some sort of Benjamin Button character who is becoming an ape - his muscles are tightening and getting more powerful as his body becomes more and more that of a primate.

In this picture he is not included because he was eating a banana and throwing poop at Brad Friedel.  So far I have heard nothing from the club or my sources that would indicate this theory isn't 100% true