Monday, 8 July 2013

Some guy scores a bicycle kick

The bicycle kick: footballing skill of legend and rarely seen on an actual pitch.  The most likely place to see this phenomena is on the cover of a football video game.... until now

Matt Eliason was just casually playing against Lionel Messi and friends, which is the name of a team and not a Disney lunchtime cartoon that no-one likes, when he decided to do what he did in that video. It was totally cool and I'm pleased the American commentators didn't say something like "overhead flip attack shot - reaches the goalie net".  I am disappointed that there were no fireworks because fireworks make everything better, but sometimes you just have to enjoy nature for what it is.  Other occasions fireworks are not appropriate include bird watching, in the crisps aisle at Tesco and the funeral of someone whose name you can't pronounce