Friday, 5 July 2013

Ryan Giggs is a coach

Dribbling sex pest Ryan Giggs has been appointed as player coach at Manchester United so now he has two jobs.  What a busy man.

When Ryan isn't busy destroying marriages or paying money to silence celebrities he shags, he's playing football.  Now David Moyes wants the nearly 40 year old to combine his playing skills with some coaching and has also made Phil Neville the first team coach.  Phil Neville.  The previous first team coach at United was Rene Meulensteen, one of the most highly rated technique based coaches in world football.  The only real memorable part of Phil Neville's career that I can think of is when he gave away that penalty against Romania because that. was. hilarious.

Hopefully these new coaching changes will see less technically gifted players focus more on giving away last minute penalties and being really average, and the wingers will learn how best to escape from the top floor window of a house when his brother comes home.