Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Rooney wants a new challenge

David Moyes had his second day of school today and it is expected that most of that day will be spent trying to work out whether Wayne Rooney is actually any good or not.

The Manchester United forward is consistently the subject of summer transfer rumours but not he already has a pretty decent contract it's very unlikely he'll be offered another to make him stay.  Former United assistant Mike Phelan suspects he might want a new challenge:
"Wayne is at the greatest club you can be at.
"Why would you want to jeopardise that, unless you want a fresh challenge and you feel that challenge isn't being met at Manchester United."
I can relate because this is more or less the same speech I gave my girlfriend yesterday, with the word 'club' replaced by 'guy' and 'Manchester United' replaced by 'places that I stalk you'.  I even found out her name this time because the judge had to read it out.  I'm always one step ahead