Sunday, 21 July 2013

Poor Tito :-(

Tito Vilanova resigned as Barcelona manager on Friday because he has all of the cancer.  It really sucks.

Tito's tale is rather a sad one since he waited so long in the wing of Pep Guardiola to finally take over one of the greatest club sides of recent memory, and maybe ever, to be halted in his path to glory by cancer.  Having already undergone treatment twice before, it was thought Tito was clear to live life without having to worry about dying at any minute but now he's had to step down to focus on staying alive.
"With the treatments I must follow from now on, I cannot devote 100% to the tasks of head coach,"
The only shining light I can see from this situation is that at least he can now sit back in his winnebago in the New Mexico sun and cook crystal meth to his hearts content.  Or whatever the fuck it is that they've been feeding Messi