Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Platini hates French clubs

Michel Platini is laying the absolute smack down in France at the moment as he lambasts



clubs like PSG and Monaco for ruining everything

The former French legend said this:
"If the Italians had spent so much this summer, the French would have been talking about Financial Fair Play all the time," Platini was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport." 
These rules were unanimously approved by all clubs, politicians, judges and the European Union. 
There's no going back from here on. FFP is a hard rule for any team, regardless of whether we're talking about PSG, Juventus, or any other team."I have spoken with directors from all clubs. 
They have all stressed that they would follow the new rules. It seems that some worry a bit more about FFP than others, though.
So yeh, take that billionaires.  I would be totally with him too if it weren't for the fact that the rules he made are his own, so no one has bothered to listen and only he seems to really be trying to fix it.  Sort of like how in Greece everyone smokes everywhere or in America everyone drinks and drives or how according to the Daily Mail all of the brown people are going to rob me at some point.

My favourite true rumour about PSG is that when told that Barcelona were planning to bid for Thiago Silva, their main man replied 'if you fucking dare I will activate Messi's release clause (£330m)' and so they didn't bother.  I can't think of an analogy for this right now but let's just say the cat definitely got his cream.  If by cream you mean GINGIVITUS

RIP cat from down the street